2019 Annual Meeting

This years annual meeting took place at Liberty Lanes in their meeting room on Saturday, April 13 at 1 pm.    The executive board sat up front, and our directors sat with members of Gulf Coast USBC.    Thank you to Don Hamilton, new Associate Director to Gulf Coast USBC for taking pictures.    Meeting was called to order, Pledge of Allegiance, Introduction to guests, Cory Krauss, Proprietor of Seminole & Sunrise Lanes, and Alex Ross, Propreitor of Liberty Lanes, Roll Call, Action on Minutes.   Celeste attempted to get the song playing for the Memorial, but it would not play.  She read a poem and read the names of bowlers who have passed this season.  Patsy read the inductions into our Hall of Fame. 

  • Pat Trudeau - Ability 
  • Michelle Mullins -  Ability 
  • James Parese - Service
  • Yolanda Houston - Service 
  • Wanda Rottloff - Lifetime Achievement 
  • Mike Crosby -  Coach of the Year 
  • Phillip Reckner - Youth Ability 
  • Victoria McManning - Youth Service 
  • Marques Houston - Youth Service  

Congrats to these deserving bowlers being inducted into our Hall of Fame.   Mike Crosby was unable to attend, we will get his picture shortly. 

Pat Trudeau           Michelle Mullins       Jim Parese         Yolanda Houston  Wanda Rottloff     Phillip Reckner     Victoria McManning Marques Houston


We had elections, Janet Waddell, Sgt. of Arms, and 2 Vice President spots for Dean Rosko & Yolanda Houston and 5 director positions open.   3 of them were filled to Valerie Letterman, Mark Burke and Danielle Galla.   There are two more spots available, if interested, please email Patsy at gcusbc@tampabay.rr.com 

Everyone was able to read all the officers reports, and the committee reports. 

Berry Ludwig read the 7 proposals for our trip to the National Convention and the bowlers at the meeting voted on them.  

Sweared in the new board.                                                                       2018 - 2020 Executive Board


And a few other pictures that were taken at the annual meeting:

2019-2020 Gulf Coast USBC Board                            Celeste reading memorial                       Patsy working 


If you would like to take a look at our program click here:   ANNUAL MEETING PROGRAM 

Thank you to Liberty Lanes, for allowing us to have his the annual meeting at their center.