Gulf Coast Youth Leaders are:   Victoria McManning, Samantha Rayner, Brad Cameron, Joe Naranjo               

Gulf Coast Youth Tournaments can be found on the tournament page.

High Scores for 2017-2018 SEASON:


In order to work with the youth in our youth programs, you must become a registered volunteer. 

To do so, visit this link:


Other useful links for our youth:

Florida State USBC Youth Page

Youth page of


High School 


Report your honor scores to Florida State Youth Website

High Five on form

To be eligible to be a USBC Youth Member, a bowler must:  Turn 20 on or AFTER August 1 of the current bowling season.  As long as the individual is 19 on August 1, he or she will be eligible for USBC Youth Membership for that bowling season.  Eligibility (Rule 400)

Youth Membership Overview

 Youth Hall of Fame  -  Visit our Hall of Fame page.

Scholarship Information:

Click on the link below, then go to middle of the page, click on "National Scholarships & Awards".  This will bring you to a page with scholarship applications where you can click on the application.  It will tell you the requirements and you can print them out.  Lots of great opportunties!  

FSUSBCY $1000 Scholarship -  Click here for application  (there will be a new application posted soon)  This is the $1000 scholarship that typically is given out to eight to fifteen youths a year.   This is the scholarship that Marissa Gavin received this past year.   It is DUE ON MAY 2 (needs to be postmarked by this date).   You need to fill out the application, have your coach fill out a page and sign, and inclue a minimum 500 word essay saying why you wish to attend college or trade/technical school  and what your future plans are.  You also need to submit a copy of your current grades or transcript along with all your forms.   If you would like Patsy or Nikki or Celeste to look at your application just to be sure it is completely filled out, bring it by the Gulf Coast office, or Seminole Lanes on Saturday morning, or Sunday evening. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

USBC Scholarships


Chuck Pezzano Scholarship (Seniors to 25 years old)

Gift for Life $1000 Due April 1 (Awarded to high school students who offer evidence of financial hardships.  Scholarships will be awarded to twelve (12) USBC youth members.  In honor of Sept 11th heroes, two of these awards one to a male and one to a female are reserved for a son & daughter of fire/police/emergency rescue personnel).

Zeb Scholarship $2500 (One person is selected to win $2500, this is awarded to a USBC Youth Junior or Senior of high school who achieves academic success & gives back to his/her community through service.  This scholarship will be awarded at the USBC Junior Gold Championships award ceremony.   USBC will pay travel and hotel expenses for the winner and one parent/guardian to attend ceremony.  The selection is based on the candiates grades, academic & community involvement, letters of reference & essay. 

Smart Program:

Youth Smart Program -  SMART 

 If you have questions regarding your SMART account, or about the program in general, you may contact SMART by these methods:  (800) 514-2695 Ext. 3168 


52nd Annual State Tournament 

Florida State Handicap & Pepsi tournament 

You can find more information on the Florida State website

Southwest Florida Youth Classic Tournaments visit their website, click here:  SWFL

Burkins Bowling Tournaments visit their website, click here:  Burkins

27th Annual Landen Memorial Tournament The Landen tournament was held at  Alley Gatorz in Gainesville on

November 5-6, 2016  Results can be found at:



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