Why be a USBC Member?

USBC membership comes with great benefits, from tournament eligibility to member only rewards.

Your USBC membership allows you to:

  • Compete in certified league bowling – where each bowler has an internationally recognized average.
  • Be eligible to compete in local, state, more than a dozen national USBC championships and other USBC-certified tournaments.
  • Experience fair, competitive play with USBC-standardized rules and regulations.
  • Be confident that your league money is safeguarded under USBC bonding protection.
  • Adult members receive the monthly US e-Bowler, USBC's electronic newsletter.
  • Earn individual and league awards based on standardized achievements.
  • Access up-to-the minute bowling information on, bowling's premier Web site, featuring special member sections and chat forums, plus league and tournament standings.
  • Locate a USBC-certified coach in your area by using the "Find a Coach" feature of the USBC Coaching section of
  • Lead and grow the sport of bowling at the local level by becoming a USBC volunteer.
  • Take pride in wearing and displaying your USBC official merchandise, available at USBC events and on
  • Enjoy the fun and social opportunities of being a part of one of America's largest participatory sport.

Membership Dues:   Youth $10, Men $20 & Women $20 (If you want to bowl in the women's state tournament, add another $2 to your certification fee.

Membership Rewards: