League Officers

League officer and their duties: 

President:   Each month, you, as President, must personally verify the bank balance. (An in-center banking service may be used.  However, the center must comply with USBC procedures in handling league funds under the bond program).  When your secretary receives their league packet, you should review everything that is in the packet and take the first page of the league application, it says on it Attention League Secretary - Congratulations League President and read it. 

League President Worksheet

League Prize Lists

Handling Protests

Vice President: Fills in to an absent President

Forms for the League Secretary:

League Officer Certification

League Secretary Duties

League Operation Checklist

League Operations Handbook

GCUSBC Youth Award Application

GCUSBC Adult Award Application

USBC Honor Score Award Application for both Adult & Youth

Gulf Coast Clean Series Award Application

Gulf Coast Clean Series Youth Award Application

USBC Adult Membership Application

USBC Youth Membership Application

SMART Information

Team Score Application

Baker 300 Application

900 Series Application

Youth Eligibility:  To be eligible to be a USBC Youth Member, a bowler must not have reached their 20th Birthday on or before August 1 of the current bowling season.  As long as the individual is 19 on August 1 of the current bowling season.   As long as the individual is 19 on August 1, he or she will be eligible for USBC Youth membership for that bowling season.  (Youth eligibility Rule 400)