Committee Assignments:

Audit/Budget:  Dean Rosko (Chair), James Strickler, Janet Waddell

Bowling Council:  Jim Parese, Celeste O'Neill, Patsy Wedding

Brackets:   Janet Waddell (Chair), Yolanda Houston, Glenn Foerster, Nick Borries, Chris Ziegler, Dean Rosko

Charity: Wanda Rottloff (Chair), Linda Cass, Julie Klein, Christina McCombs, Margaret Byrne

Evaluation:   James Strickler, Janet Waddell

Lane Certification:  Kevin Zeh (Chair), Yolanda Houston, Mike Waddell, Chris Ziegler, Glenn

Forester,  Gabe Tosella, Dalton Sorrell, Nick Borries 

Legislative:  Dean Rosko (Chair), Christina McCombs

Memorial:   Yolanda Houston,  Anne Jones

Publicity:  Celeste O'Neill (Chair), Margaret Byrne

Tournaments:        Patsy Wedding (Chair) and all board members

Ways & Means:    Linda Cass (Chair), Wanda Rottloff, Julie Klein

Youth:  Patsy Wedding (Chair), Celeste O'Neill, Yolanda Houston, Jimmy Strickler

Note: The President and Association Manager are Ex-Officio members of all committees and are to be notified of all committee meetings.